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First-time Homebuyers

First Time Home Buyer Loans

Buying your first home can be a little overwhelming.  Finding the right lender. Gathering the documents.  Choosing the house. Picking the right financing.  All this can make the process seem like too much to take on.  Don't let the process scare you away from becoming a home owner.  Many of the stories you hear are just that--stories.  In most cases, the process is smooth and easy.  Being prepared can take a lot of the fear out of the process.

Steps to Take

First Community Mortgage Now Offers 100% FHA Financing.

Don’t have a down payment—no problem with the First Community Mortgage HomeZero program!  The biggest challenge for many buyers is the down payment.  We knock that hurdle out of the way with up to 100% financing on FHA Loans . Terms and conditions apply.    Call Tracy for details

Homezero is a loan program offering 96.5% financing for the first mortgage and a second mortgage for 3.5% of the purchase price. There is no payment on the second mortgage.  If you stay in the home and keep the loan for 10-years, the second mortgae is fully forgiven.  If you sell the house or refinance the hompe prior to 10-years, you must repay the original loan amount of the second mortgage.  


What Program is best for you?

As a first time buyer, you likely don't know the difference between all the different types of availabel loans.  I can help select the right program for your specific situation.  Some quick program highlights are below:

Contact Tracy Flesch to discuss which program is best for you!

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